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I am foodie who loves to eat and cook. I am a scientist by profession and experimenting with various ingredients comes naturally to me, I guess. I am a vegetarian by choice, though I may occasionally eat chicken. This blog is a collection of vegetarian recipes (I do use eggs while baking however) I have tried with local produce and is heavily inspired by the kind of cooking I grew up with in India, in my mother's and grandmother's kitchen.  Farmer's markets in Northern California are a delight and my recipes are simple. They almost always include seasonal fruits and vegetables that are available locally. I am not sure if I can label my recipes as "fusion" but I must admit that it  has been a discovery, relishing swiss chard, avocados, grape tomatoes, zucchini and pluots in California. I have enjoyed including these local fruits and vegetables in my recipes. I follow many cookbooks and if any of my posts are inspired by recipes from these books, I will provide a link to the book and mention the author.

Also, I focus as much on nutrition as I do on taste. I try to make balanced meals, and that means a healthy portion of protein using pulses, legumes and eggs, fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy, eaten at some point during the day, be it at breakfast, lunch or dinner. For me, a satisfying dinner after a long day at work is all I need to feel recharged and nourished. I invite you to scroll through the recipes and try them if they entice you. 

If the title of the blog has intrigued you, I am not surprised. The ingredient names that make up the title of the blog, would be familiar to anybody who has a keen interest in Indian cuisine from the state of Maharashtra. For those of you wanting to know more, a good introduction to ghee and jaggery can be found on Wikipedia and in my post on making home made ghee!

Comments and suggestions are most welcome.  Thank you for stopping by!


Please note that all the images and  original recipes in this blog cannot be  published in any form without prior written consent. Leave a message for me on the blog if you need to use any content on this site. Also, all the views expressed in this blog are solely of the author.

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